Dive into the essence of boutique hotel living amid the serene coastal ambiance of our Seaside Luxuries project. Whether you’re lounging under the sun by the pool, venturing through the verdant jungle backdrop, or savoring our deluxe amenities, every instant promises an unforgettable journey.
  • Bedroom -
  • Bath 1
  • First floor rooftop garden 33 M²
  • Size 51 M²
  • Type Apartment
  • Bedroom 1
  • Bath 1
  • First floor rooftop garden 52 M²
  • Size 70 M²
  • Type Apartment


Isatis Construction Limited has been working in the construction industry since its establishment in North Cyprus back in 2015. The company managed to become one of the growing organizations of the 21st century in the construction sector in North Cyprus by building and selling high quality apartments and villas in Famagusta, Yeniboğaziçi and Iskele area. We are always looking to the future and are now working on projects in these regions to add to our portfolio. Our company slogan has been well earned: ‘If you can dream it, we can build it’.

Modern Furniture

Interior Design room

We believe your home is the ultimate way to express who you are. But your style isn’t merely measured by the colour of the walls or new carpet. It’s an expression of what’s important to you. We’ll save you time, money and stress with our beautiful World of Style collection. Explore our interior design styles and get home decorating ideas right here and let us help you colour your 


Isatis uses environmentally friendly materials of high quality in its projects.


We are at your service with our experienced staff in the field.


​Isatis is in constant communication with its customers before and after sales


Isatis presents its projects to investors from many different countries.


Isatis assumes the management of the projects it delivers for the satisfaction of the owners.

Contract Process

Isatis supports its investors in all procedures at the contract stage.

If You Can Dream IT

We Can Build It

Isatis Construction Group is an engineering and construction company, run and led by a group of well-experienced engineers, who have passion for perfectionism. The company executes the building and infrastructure work that supports regional growth and provides customers with quality products and services.


ISATIS Orchard Complex Yeniboğaziçi 


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