Tourism and Education Island

Tourism and Education Island

On average 85 thousand students have their education in the 13 universities located in the country, and one-third of these students are those of Eastern Mediterranean University. In recent years, the applications made for 5 different universities were approved by the Ministry of National Education. This is a development that will increase both the number of universities and students. Going to university in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has dozens of advantages. First of all, Cyprus is the safest country in the world, all of the universities are fully equipped, life quality is at the utmost level, and the chance to have friends from every country and to know different cultures is high. It is possible to have the pleasure of the sea all year, and there are both seriousness and financial opportunities in state universities. Eastern Mediterranean University, the education center of the infant-land (“yavru vatan”) with its nearly 40-year experience, awaits its students who make plans to have an international career! Students who prepare themselves to decide on their future should definitely visit this website of the most equipped and internationally recognized university of the infant-land before making their plans. Cyprus is an tourism and education island.

Eastern Mediterranean University

Being the sole public university in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Eastern Mediterranean University (DAÜ) started its education life back in 1979 and all of its programs were approved by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK). With its elaborated infrastructure, qualified teaching staff, 17.500 students coming from 110 countries in the world, over 1.100 instructors from 35 countries, programs provided in English language, the chance to learn a second and a third foreign language, student exchange programs, international accreditations having rich facilities for sports, social and cultural activities, an international education environment and its diploma that is valid all over the world, Eastern Mediterranean University trains its students as creative youngsters with an entrepreneurial spirit who are ready for competition on the global level, and educates them for an international career. There are a total of 108 undergraduate and graduate as well as 96 masters and Ph.D. programs in the 12 Faculties and 4 Graduate Schools in DAÜ. With its education buildings and laboratories that spread over 3000 decares of land, and its indoors and outdoors sports halls and cultural activities, it is a rare campus university.


It is an education investment in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus made in 2015 by Avrupa Education Group, which has a history of more than thirty years and an international vision and whose center is in Istanbul. It is the peak of its pre-school, elementary, and middle school as well as higher education experiences gained in Istanbul. Having significantly contributed to the economic, scientific, social, and cultural development of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Cyprus Ada Kent University has become an educational and cultural center in a short period of time, by engaging in sound cooperation with the NGOs and private and public institutions in Famagusta, where its campus is located. With its outstanding academic staff consisting of faculty members from various countries in the world, 7 faculties, and 1 vocational high school, and 29 undergraduate and associate degree programs in total, Cyprus Ada Kent University continues to provide education at the international level for about 2 years. As a “City University” in real terms, it contributes to students’ integration with the society and the world they live in and to their training as valuable individuals with strong communication skills and sound social bonds. Cyprus Ada Kent University aims to constitute a platform in TRNC, “the Island of Universities”, for students with different cultures by gathering them together to establish a common culture.

European Leadership University

We have established the European Leadership University to fill in the skills gap faced by enterprises today. We provide this by making connections with the employers and developing skills to help them acquire those skills they need. Our aim is simple in design, but ambitious in scope – investing in skills for the fourth industrial revolution. We are a European University, fully recognized by Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Ministry of National Education and having the accreditation of Nicosia Higher Education Planning, Evaluation, Accreditation, and Coordination Board. Currently, we are preparing ourselves to have more international accreditations in Europe.


Cyprus West University is a non-profit university established in 2015 in Famagusta, Republic of Northern Cyprus. There are 4 faculties, 3 schools, and 18 different graduate and associate degree programs in Cyprus West University. Our programs are provided in English and Turkish languages. Cyprus West University is recognized by Turkish Republic Higher Education Board (YÖK) and Nicosia Higher Education Planning, Evaluation, Accreditation, and Coordination Board (YÖDAK), and was approved by TRNC Ministry of National Education and Culture.


 Cyprus Doğa Schools

Doğa Schools continue to pioneer TRNC’s education sector with its 2 campuses in our country. While contributing to the provision of education at the level of international standards and to the development and improvement of education, Doğa College trains the individuals to be needed in tomorrow’s world with its philosophy of “new generation education”. Having guided TRNC’s education sector with its innovative education models, Doğa College adds value to its students, employees, and society with the high-standard service quality that it provides, along with its education quality, academic, sportive, and social successes. With the education models it has generated, Doğa College is an education brand today, taken as an example by several institutions worldwide… The main characteristic that differentiates Doğa College from other educational institutions is its realization of modern, visionary models by breaking the classic taboos in education. By acting in line with such an awareness, we will continue to train new generations who are attached to their country and values, open to universal values, and equipped, research-inclined, and integrated with the world.

Near East College

Having been established within the body of Near East University, Near East College is an education organization located on a campus which incorporates Near East Hospital and many more social units. Having generated its own education models with the efforts of its expert education committee members, Near East College provides to its students and employees a learning environment which is at the standards of the current century. It embarked on its journey with the vision of becoming an exemplary educational institution that would inspire others in Cyprus and the world. Near East College provides its students and instructors a privileged world with its equipped education and training environment, green areas, sports areas, technological infrastructure, laboratories, and the physical equipment having the advantage of being located within the same campus. Our objective in our school, which provides full-day education, is to train students who have full command of Turkish language, equipped with a sound background on English language, improved themselves with the third language in French or German, and have successes in the international exams they participate, and to prepare them as individuals to take firm steps toward the future. The happiness of our students is our priority. In order to reinforce such happiness with success, Near East College is administered by a structure where the dialogue among the parents, students, teachers, and administration is essential. If you too want to achieve success and to have an education based on affection, respect, and discipline, join the Near Eastern College Family.

Cyprus Final College

The foundations of Final Education Institutions were laid in 1980. Students of this country met with Final in those years during which Turkey rapidly developed and changed. First of all, we had our training centers. We have extended toward the four corners of Turkey from a modest city of Anatolia. We prepared for exams pupils and youngsters from every age from primary school to university. We had millions of students. We made hundreds of thousands of them a university student. With the principle of “The peak is an aspiration, but there is a different peak to which everybody can climb”, we tried to help each and every student of ours to make the best they can do. Some of them got the first rank in Turkey and some others enjoyed the happiness of being accepted to the school they preferred. With the Final Magazine and the Final Books which initiated its publications in 1987, we entered in nearly all the houses. We settled down in all the students’ desks and backpacks. More importantly, we attracted the affection of our education community. Our schools, training centers, teachers welcomed, encouraged, supported, and guided us. Nowadays we have 218 training centers providing services on the four corners of Turkey, in TRNC and Azerbaijan. We educate approximately more than two hundred thousand students annually. We have published more than four hundred books. We issue nine different magazines in a week. We make an effort to carry our youngsters toward their objectives with our more than eight thousand teachers. Every year, at least one-third of the first 1000 in Turkey consists of Final students.

Health Capital of the Mediterranean

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is among the few countries that are appropriate for each and every medical treatment, tube baby (in vitro fertilization) being in the first place. You come across the state of the art technology in each medical area in the country. Hosting its guests for health tourism from many different countries with its affordable prices in especially tube baby application and dental health treatments, the country is an important venue for post-operation treatment processes, thanks to its climate conditions and mild air temperature. An ever-increasing number of guests come to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus every other day with plans to bunch together both health tourism and summer holiday. People prefer this country for infertility and tube baby treatment, dental treatment, and post-treatment following plastic or general surgery, all of which have affordable prices. Located within the top ranks among those countries which are preferred by the people who cannot find many health services in their countries or who consider shortening the long operation periods or who do not want to have a high-cost dental treatment, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has been a health tourism country in a short period of time. The hospitals and clinics operating in the country, which make tests forthwith and the high-technology laboratories of which give the results without wasting any time, have radiology and intensive care units as well. Health centers have dermatology, plastic surgery, dental health, diet, hearth diseases, physiotherapy, and tube baby services. As a result of the academic developments in universities, the most advanced university hospitals in the Eastern Mediterranean region have been established in the country. This situation has made Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus a famous and respected health tourism country. Infertility treatment options such as gender selection, tandem siklus treatment and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, which are only carried out in Northern Cyprus, stand out. As regards tube baby treatments, health services are provided on equal terms in the country, without having regard to patients’ genders, languages, religions, races and ethnicities. Providing the facilities to have the post-operation or post-treatment relaxation process comfortably, the country makes also a positive impact in terms of important health problems such as asthma and osteoarthritis for especially elderly people, as it has mild weather conditions. Thanks to its climate which receives sunlight at least 300 days a year, Northern Cyprus is preferred for health tourism mostly in the seasons of spring and autumn, due to the density of population in summer months. While plane tickets to travel to this country have serious discounts in this period, accommodation costs to have their most economical rates. Those guests who come to the country for health tourism may either stay in a hotel under the conditions they prefer, or they may find accommodation facilities in wellness centers which provide both local and international methods.


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Cyprus Real Estate Services
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Cyprus Home Buying and Selling Real Estate Services

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Cyprus Flat Rental Real Estate Services

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Cyprus Famagusta Real Estate Services

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